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Public Consensus Prediction
Voting options
  • Less than 0.30$
  • between 0.30 and 1$
  • more than 1$
RHUCoin reward
Vote: 15 RHU
Consensus bonus: 20 RHU
Total RHUCoin pool: 1,500 RHU
Eligibility: blockchain insiders
Poll opened: 28 Apr 2019
Poll closes: 30 Apr 2019
Current jury pool: 63
Status: Voting in progress
Public Consensus Prediction
Voting options
  • Up
  • Down
RHUCoin reward
Vote: 15 RHU
Consensus bonus: 20 RHU
Total RHUCoin pool: 375 RHU
Eligibility: Member of the public
Poll opened: 30 Mar 2019
Poll closes: 31 Mar 2019
Current jury pool: 136
Status: Voting in progress
Public Consensus Prediction
(Guess which crypto has the highest percent return for 2019, Jan 1 - Dec 31.)
Voting options
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • EOS (EOS)
  • Stellar (XLM)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Monero (XMR)
  • NEO (NEO)
  • RHUCoin (RHU)
RHUCoin reward
Vote: 15 RHU
Consensus bonus: 25 RHU
Total RHUCoin pool: 150,000 RHU
Eligibility: Blockchain Developer | Blockchain/Crypto Blogger / Publisher | Blockchain/Crypto Consultant | Cryptocurrency Investor | Lawyer / Attorney | 500 Tech Leaders member
Poll opened: 05 Sep 2018
Poll closes: 30 Sep 2018
Current jury pool: 347
Status: Voting in progress
Public Consensus Prediction
(Guess the final award: 10,000 RHUCoin bonus)

A San Francisco County jury recently found chemical producer Monsanto guilty of knowingly marketing a toxic product and concealing its danger to users and the public—and awarded a $289 million verdict to Dewayne Johnson, a terminally-ill blood cancer patient. Punitive damages amounted to $250 million; compensatory damages, $39 million. The product, Roundup, is a glyphosate compound used as a weed-killer. Hundreds of similar lawsuits have been filed in U.S. federal courts; thousands more in other jurisdictions. Monsanto, which claims Roundup does not cause cancer, will appeal the decision.

Special crypto bonus award: Given the likelihood of appeal and award reduction, what do you think the final award will be? Add your guess in the “I have a better answer” option below, and the closest match to the actual judgment or settlement will win 10,000 RHUCoin when the award is announced.

  • $289 million (full amount of verdict)
  • $151-$288 million
  • $101-$150 million
  • $51-$100 million
  • $26-$50 million
  • $11-$25 million
  • $6-$10 million
  • $1- $5 million
  • Less than $1 million
  • No damages will be awarded
RHUCoin reward
Vote: 15 RHU
Consensus bonus: 15 RHU
Total RHUCoin pool: 7,500 RHU
Eligibility: Member of the public | Lawyer / Attorney | Law student / intern | Consumer Advocate | Possible plaintiff | Farmer | Horticulturist | Environmentalist
Poll opened: 16 Aug 2018
Current jury pool: 209
Status: Voting in progress
Public Consensus Prediction
(Will they survive? If so, in what form?)
ICOs are fading in the eyes of investors, and blockchain projects are experimenting with new, more equitable, fundraising models. Some primarily address concerns with potential SEC actions; others are more focused on flexibility for investors. Voting choices below are derived from reporting by Kai Sedgwick in Bitcoin News and Anujit Mukhopadhyay in 101 Blockchains.Voters who predict this accurately will share 20,000 RHU on August 15, 2020.
  • STO (Secure Token Offering). Regulated coin offerings that comply with SEC policies, such as Reg A+, Reg D, and Reg S.
  • IICO (Interactive Initial Coin Offering). First proposed by Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin, the model lets contributors specify their maximum cap, which if exceeded results in a return of their investment.
  • ISA (Initial Supply Auction). A descending-price auction, with a high opening price that descends in increments to a floor. Investors choose the price at which they’re comfortable and receive their currency as soon as purchased.
  • SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens). Accredited investors purchase SEC-compliant securities contracts under an agreement that they will receive tokens only when the project is operational and the tokens are useable / tradable.
  • No ICO or funding. The best coins will create their own economics and will grow their own mechanisms and usage organically, without external funding.
  • ICOs will evolve and survive, and still be the dominant funding mechanism in 2020, because they’re both democratic and inclusive.
RHUCoin reward
Vote: 15 RHU
Consensus bonus: 100 RHU
Total RHUCoin pool: 9,000 RHU
Eligibility: ICO advisor | ICO investor | ICO legal professional | Developer / other technologist | Blogger / journalist
Poll opened: 10 Aug 2018
Current jury pool: 228
Status: Voting in progress
Public Consensus Prediction
(Predicting changing relationships between manufacturers, dealer service, and independents.)
Connecting car and truck computer systems to the internet—predicted to include a fifth of all vehicles globally by 2020—will transfer service monitoring and repair diagnosis to manufacturers. Dealerships with established manufacturer relationships will benefit. At issue is whether independents (currently two thirds of the U.S. parts and service market), will be included or excluded from access to the necessary data and training to service the new vehicles.
  • Manufacturers will support dealer service operations but impose barriers to data access and training by independents.
  • Manufacturers will support independents by allowing access to data and training.
  • Manufacturers will support independents, but associated costs of required systems and training will limit access to larger independents, weeding out owner/operators and other small shops.
  • The independent repair shop, as we know it, will disappear.
RHUCoin reward
Vote: 15 RHU
Consensus bonus: 20 RHU
Total RHUCoin pool: 7,500 RHU
Eligibility: Automotive journalist / blogger
Poll opened: 26 Jul 2018
Poll closes: 17 Aug 2018
Current jury pool: 268
Status: Voting in progress
RW vs. ADT Security Systems Inc.
Voting Results:
Poll opened: 30 Apr 2019
Poll closed on: 09 Sep 2019
Voters: 100
Total RHUCoin awarded: 2,320 RHU
Status: Closed
Should illegal aliens be allowed to vote in U.S. elections?
Voting Results:
Poll opened: 24 Jul 2018
Poll closed on: 31 Aug 2018
Voters: 288
Total RHUCoin awarded: 3,645 RHU
Status: Closed
Claimant vs. Testarossa Motors, League City, Texas
Voting Results:
View case on PeopleClaim
Poll opened: 05 Jun 2018
Poll closed on: 05 Jul 2018
Voters: 352
Total RHUCoin awarded: 3,445 RHU
Status: Closed
Should cryptocurrency be regulated as a security?
Voting Results:
Poll opened: 27 Apr 2018
Poll closed on: 05 Jun 2018
Voters: 1547
Total RHUCoin awarded: 24,515 RHU
Status: Closed

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