Rhubarb collects a limited amount of information from its users in order to conduct public polls (“Poll Verdicts”) for use in settling disputes, understanding issues, and predicting outcomes; and to facilitate crypto token awards and purchases of RHUCoin.

This information, including user name, email address, and password; categories of occupation, knowledge, or expertise; and your public cryptocurrency wallet address, is kept private. It is not traded, sold, or otherwise shared with third parties. Advertisers do not have access to your data because we do not accept advertising.

Poll Verdict results may published in aggregate to show, for example, the consensus in a given case or issue. However, your individual voting choices are kept private.

Though we use cookies to operate the Rhubarb site and allow you to use its features, this information is used for no other purpose and is not shared.

Your personal information’s security is important. Our security practices meet or exceed industry standards; however, no one can guarantee absolute security in transmitting or storing electronic data.

Deletion of Data

If you have input your personal contact information and other data into this site, and you would like it deleted from this site and any related database, please email your request to If the data you input involves a complaint, claim, PFA, or other public or potentially public posting, you must include the claim number(s), PFA title(s), etc.

By doing so you acknowledge that:

  • 1. Your data will be permanently deleted and will not be recoverable. The only data that may be retained is your emailed request. When a claim or other public posting is permanently deleted, related responses and/or mediator comments and suggestions will also be permanently deleted.
  • 2. If you have earned points, tokens, etc., these will be returned to the pool.
  • 3. You will retain copies of any information that might be required for legal proceedings. If you have not made copies of any such material, please do so prior to requesting data deletion.

No requests for data deletion can be accepted via phone or any other means, including emails to alternate addresses or messages. Requests can be accepted at only.