About Rhubarb

Rhubarb is a decentralized ecosystem of justice-minded individuals and institutions that develops, funds, and promotes new forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) through blockchain and other distributed applications. Our goal is to increase access to justice and advance new and more-democratic forms of dispute resolution and other legal processes through our crypto-token, the RHU. Our current soon-to-be-launched applications are focused on replacing mandatory consumer arbitration and class actions with more democratic blockchain processes.

RHU holders are entitled to:

  • Future appreciation of the RHU
  • Voting rights on governance, policy, and investment decisions
  • Co-investment rights in both internally-developed and outside investments in "legal-tech" applications
  • Access to RHU applications that they can use within their own justice communities, or through our rapidly growing network.

We are inviting anyone with a passion for justice to participate—either by purchasing RHU Tokens in our discounted pre-sale or subsequent ICO, or by contributing expertise or investment opportunities to the Rhubarb network.

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