Future of Law on the Blockchain for students

Representative government and trial by jury are the heart and lungs of liberty. Without them, we have no other fortification against being ridden like horses, fleeced like sheep, worked like cattle, and fed and clothed like swine and hounds.

Welcome to Rhubarb's Future of Law on the Blockchain program for students
What we do

Rhubarb is a new kind of civil justice system where the public helps create universal and equal access to justice. Public juries deliberate and vote on the fairest resolution to any dispute, question, or controversy. Disputants can use the consensus jury verdict to resolve their case

Student program goals
  • Practice, prove, and improve your negotiation skills with real cases.
  • Create a living resume as you help resolve disputes.
  • Learn how the blockchain is changing law - and participate.
  • Earn recognition points and/or crypto, depending on the case.
  • Participate in online juries to promote greater access to civil justice.
  • Help arbitrate consumer cases with companies like Starbucks, Uber, Facebook, and others.
Who's eligible:

Law, Pre-Law, Mediation and Debate students—and any student interested in civil justice.

What's the time commitment?

As much as you want to give.

  • Voting on a single case with several clear resolution choices will usually take about three minutes.
  • Adding a creative solution may take a little thought. No rush. Think about it while you're standing in line for coffee. If it's up-voted enough, it becomes a voting choice (and you'll earn extra crypto).
  • Become an online advocate, creating an opening statement for either side of the dispute.
  • Start a Rhubarb program at your school

There's no cost. You will earn crypto token rewards for helping the parties resolve their dispute.

Join us in creating a more democratic justice system through Blockchain technology
Our advisory board includes some of the world’s leading thought leaders in law, justice and governance. Our advisory panel
Sign-up and become a justice intern:
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Earn a Certificate of Distinction from the Rhubarb advisory Commere when you participate in over 20 cases and help disputants settle their cases through exceptional case feedback and negotiation
Why Rhubarb?
  • Civil justice is unavailable to many people because of time and money expense—and people with disabilities may not even be physically able to get to court.
  • Lawyers often have to turn away cost-ineffective cases.
  • In an increasingly online and international world, jurisdiction has become a real problem.
  • The wealthy can often “buy” justice. Online juries level the playing field.
About Rhubarb

Rhubarb is a decentralized ecosystem of justice-minded individuals and institutions that develops, funds, and promotes new forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) through blockchain and other distributed applications. Our goal is to increase access to justice and advance new and more-democratic forms of dispute resolution and other legal processes through our crypto-token, the RHU. Our current soon-to-be-launched applications are focused on replacing mandatory consumer arbitration and class actions with more democratic blockchain processes.

RHU holders are entitled to:
  • Future appreciation of the RHU
  • Voting rights on governance, policy, and investment decisions
  • Co-investment rights in both internally-developed and outside investments in "legal-tech" applications
  • Access to RHU applications that they can use within their own justice communities, or through our rapidly growing network.

We are inviting anyone with a passion for justice to participate—either by purchasing RHU Tokens in our discounted pre-sale or subsequent ICO, or by contributing expertise or investment opportunities to the Rhubarb network.

The future of law

It's here.

Zero cost to resolve any dispute

That's right, we're taking the cost of resolving a civil case down to zero — no legal fees, no court costs, no expert witnesses, and no settlement costs.

Savings to the public:
hundreds of $ billions
Indirect cost savings:
many more $ billions
The world is your jury

RHU replaces centralized court processes with scalable distributed communities, who compete to find the best resolution to your case. There's no financial constraint on the number of people who compete to resolve your case. A new era of legal democracy has begun.

Universal access to justice

By removing financial and logistical constraints, RHU makes access to justice universal and equal — globally. Cases will now be resolved based on merit and not by a party's access to superior financial or legal resources.

The revolution's already begun

But you can still join.

Thousands of people have already signed up to earn RHU by competing to help others resolve their disputes. With the addition of the RHU Token and its financial incentives for user participation, community growth will greatly accelerate. Join us.

Important – Read before proceeding: Rhubarb provides a user platform for consensus answers / opinion from the public, industry experts, and community on a wide range of topics, including how to resolve disputes and answers to legal, technical, and other questions.

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