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Cal 3: Breaking up is hard to do - for California(Tim Draper's Cal 3 initiative blocked by state Supreme Court)
Cal 3 / Proposition 9, a proposal to divide California into three new states, will not be on the ballot in November, 2018 due to intervention by the state Supreme Court. The initiative, which had nearly twice the number of signatures required, is a project of Silicon Valley capitalist Tim Draper. The court order denying ballot access said there were questions about Cal 3's validity and that there was more potential harm letting it stay on the November ballot than in delaying it for a future vote. Draper responded via Facebook, saying "Whether you agree of not with this initiative, this is not the way democracies are supposed to work."
Current jury size: 555
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Endless problems with ReliaCard - U.S. Bank N.A.(My ReliaCard has been locked more than it's been useable. I've now gone more than $1,000 in the hole.)
I have had nothing but trouble with ReliaCard since the end of July when I recived my card. My card has been locked more than it's been useable. I have called this second time every day for 3 weeks. I have faxed every single doc they ask me to which is different everyday. I'm always being told something different by everyone I talk to. I've been given wrong numbers to fax to.

I have now gone over a 1000 dollars in the hole because of this. I am being charged 25 a day from my landlord for not being able to pay, I haven't eaten in days, my electric is off, and I'm out of my heart meds and can't refile. I had 2 heart attacks in the last year. I need my meds. It's hot and I cant go anywhere cuz I have no gas. My phone will be shut off any day now too. I have to pay a reconnect fee and deposit now for my electric to be turned on and my cable will charge me to turn it back on as well. I have never seen such a horrible no caring company in my life. No empathy whatsoever.

If you can look at my account u can see from day one this has been a problem. This can't continue. I've 'spent several hours every single day on the phone trying begging to release my card. I have complied to their demands and yet I'm still in the dark and hot and hungry. I need help!
Current jury size: 49
Eligibility: Member of the public | 500 Lawyers member | Blogger | News Reporter | State/Federal government benefits experts
I want my refund from Real Estate Elevated / Zurixx.
I went to a 3-day Real Estate workshop with Real Estate Elevated. I signed up for services to make money in real estate. In all, I spent over $26,297. I did not receive the services that were promised. I would like a refund for the money I spent. This occurred in June 17th 2018 . The company stopped calling me when I reached out to them.
Current jury size: 47
Eligibility: Member of the public | 500 Lawyers member | Lawyer / Attorney | Mediator | Real Estate Agent
Frank Andres- The Giveaway Guy, unfairly blocked my access to over 200 digital products and software
Frank Andres- The Giveaway Guy, unfairly blocked my access to over 200 digital products and software, citing a breach of his websites policies and in the process denied me ALL the commissions owed to me.

I want 100% access to my products, unimpeded. Or a full refund for every product I ever bought stemming back 3+ years. and I want my commissions owed to me.
Current jury size: 58
Eligibility: Member of the public | 500 Lawyers member | ADR Professional (Alternative Dispute Resolution) | Mediator
Are blockchain juries the future of law? E.g. if you had a billing dispute with a mechanic, which type of jury would you most trust to find the fairest resolution?
Current jury size: 76
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RS vs. Monsanto (Bayer): My lungs were chemically burned by RoundUp when I was unloading a truck, and they have never healed.
I was unloading a Southeastern freight lines truck. When I started I smelled something, and the driver thought it was a water-tested canoe, but further into the truck we found out it was a pallet of Roundup. That was approx. 45-60 mins. into the unloading. After breathing the fumes I had a raw throat and had issues with my breathing. I went to the comp. doctor and found out my lungs were burnt along with my throat. After 2 years of seeing the doctors, I was told that I had a 50-50 chance of healing. I also have the chance of getting asthma, which I did, and I also got MAC disease which is from my lungs not healing completely. I have to take 3 different antibiotics for the rest of my life to be sure I don't die from this disease!

I have lost wages from the time I miss work due to illness and medical bills that I am not able to pay plus other bills that have fallen behind due to lost time at work.

Doctor’s notes: "Baseline incurable pulmonary infection with intermittent flares of acute illness."
I have lost my immune system and been sick more than normal and have lost wages due to this illness.

Due to the injury and after effects of this I am not able to get long-term or short-term disability insurance.

The disease has not changed from last year but the medication has put a strain on my heart so now I need to see a heart specialist. Still missing work due to illness, but make too much for SSD.
Current jury size: 141
Eligibility: Member of the public | 500 Lawyers member | Arbitrator | Law Professors | Lawyer / Attorney | Mediator
TM vs Amazon.com(Special needs child and mom with MS fighting for 1 full year to be properly credited, now with health affected stress)
"My son was awarded a grant from Achieva Family Trust in Pittsburgh PA because he has autism to cover the price of vitamins and supplements he takes for 2 years. He is under the care of one of Pittsburgh's leading and world renown developmental pediatricians. The doctor is often very booked up so our appointments can be scattered months apart. He told me what supplements to order for my son, by the next time I saw him, I said I had placed the order (paid for by Achieva Family Trust) through Amazon.

He was extremely concerned and advised me to never ever order anything vitamins or anything you consume from Amazon because he was almost certain that the integrity of products had been compromised in a trade deal with China. I was so upset to hear this because by this time, my son had been taking these things for about 3 months. I stopped giving my son (5) the items from Amazon immediately, and sent them back.

There were many orders issued separately with various order numbers. I returned them in a box with copies of my order numbers, but also took a pic of the opened box before I sealed it, and I took a pic of the UPS return label for my records.

Amazon has only credited back for the Culturelly (137). They have not credited back for the fish oil, melatonin, or cal mag zinc supplement which should be around $700. It has literally been 1 full year of me fighting to get credited back to Achieva's account, so I can then have the items ordered again, but this time, direct from the vitamins manufacturers, NEVER AGAIN FROM AMAZON.

I call Amazon, or talk to reps via chat and am on with them no less than 1 hour. They finally claim to see my issue, they can see the photos I've sent, confirmation, but then at the end, they tell me because Achieva paid for the items, for security, they have to speak to someone from Achieva. I explain this to reps at Achieva (Jennifer Stover). She told me she called them, and was told there is nothing to credit.

How can I be told one thing by Amazon, they are ready to issue the credit but just need Achieva to verify the account for security, then when (IF) achieva calls, nothing!

I myself have Multiple Sclerosis and dealing with this nightmare over the past year has been beyond stressful, aggrevating and to me is illegal. My CHILD was taking what may have been a fake placebo. I do not want to be a whistleblower but what else is a mother to do?? I just want what my son is entitled to, and now because of this nightmare, I do want pain and suffering for the hours I have spent trying to get this resolved over the past year."
Current jury size: 128
Eligibility: 500 Lawyers member | ADR Professional (Alternative Dispute Resolution) | Law Professors | Lawyer / Attorney
Hagners vs First American Title Insurance Company(Access to our Entire 1/2 acre Property)
We purchased a property in February 2018. We contracted with First American Title Insurance Company to insure access to all of our property (as per their contract). However, after purchasing the property we learned that we do not have access to all of our 1/2 acre property. We have a large 40 foot bus and a large 24 foot trailer and a large 10 foot box truck that we could not get into or out of our back yard - due to a legal issue that we were not made aware of by First American Title Insurance Company (FATIC). After filing a claim with FATIC, they informed us that they knew about a License Agreement that was in place with previous owners. We received notice from Habitat for Humanity that this License Agreement was cancelled just months after we purchased the property. We had no access to our 1/2 acre property until we did some major remodeling to our property, at a substantial cost of close to $50,000. I hired and attorney who filed complaints and responses to First American Title Company - and they denied the claim. They need to reimburse me for the access amount of $50,000, or they need to reimburse me for the entire property $329,000. I have several photos, I have several documents to validate my claim.
Current jury size: 96
Eligibility: 500 Lawyers member | ADR Professional (Alternative Dispute Resolution) | Arbitrator | Judge | Jury Expert | Law Professors | Law student / intern
Should government have access to your social media login or google search history?
A proposed New York State Legislature bill (S9191) would require people seeking or renewing handgun licenses to submit to police review of their search engine history and social media accounts. Applicants would have to hand over all account login credentials.
Current jury size: 206
Eligibility: Member of the public | 500 Lawyers member | ADR Professional (Alternative Dispute Resolution) | Law student / intern | Lawyer / Attorney | Privacy advocates
The Jury is out on Facebook – but not for long.(Thought leaders weigh in on how to fix Facebook)
Current jury size: 4172
Eligibility: Venture Capitalist (VC) | Legal Professional | Journalist / Blogger | Regulator / Legislator | Technologist | Facebook user | 500 Lawyers member | 500 Tech Leaders member