“Token”: A unit of value that an organization creates to self-govern its business model, and empower its users to interact with its products, while facilitating the distribution and sharing of rewards and benefits to all of its stakeholders.

William Mougayar
Author, The Business Blockchain

Token Checklist Answers to 22 Questions about Rhubarb and RHU Token

William Mougayar's insightful article "Tokenomics" includes a checklist of 20 questions for assessing token utility. (Twenty is a perfect score.) With permission, we republish his list here—plus two additional questions—and answer them for Rhubarb.
Yes. A key feature of Rhubarb is our unique consensus-rendering process called the Poll Verdict. Poll Verdict participation is limited to depositors of RHU. Other Rhubarb features require exclusive use of RHU or combinations of other crypto and fiat currencies.
Yes, RHU holders have a vote re technical applications as well as governance issues for the network itself.
Yes. tokens are a core part of community-building incentive programs as well as case referrals to the Rhubarb network. All investments will be made in RHU and will require RHU deposits for participation.
Yes, our token grants co-investment rights in internally-developed applications and co-investment opportunities in legal tech applications.
Yes, token holders participate in activities that create “proof of justice” that earn additional RHU, which can then be compounded through other “justice-mining” activities.
Maybe. Users currently receive an initial reward for joining the community, submitting a profile, then proposing solutions to disputes listed on our site that receive additional upvotes. This is a test program but may be extended to ongoing community building.
Yes. Users can buy crowdsourced resolutions to common disputes, and access to industry and legal expertise and consensus. Additionally, RHU tokens will be usable for purchase of goods and services from participating affiliates who accept tokens for settlement.
Yes. We offer several tools for resolving disputes, i.e.,
OCDR – Online Community-based Dispute Resolution, crowdsourcing solutions to any dispute
RhuArb – binding arbitration RhuNeutral ¬– nonbinding input to inform mediation processes
RhuPredict – assess likely outcomes, e.g., how would a jury decide?
Yes, any user can initiate new investment idea and receive funding within the RHU community.
Yes. RHU usage is required to use our Smart Settlement features, allowing settlement terms, e.g., where settlements in RHU can be spent, duration of token, release of liability, etc. An “oracle” application would be a group consensus to confirm technical, legal, or other information; the process requires RHU.
Yes, security deposits are required to participate in many of our activities, including arbitrated settlements, Poll Verdicts, and class action settlements.
Currently, no. RHU can be franctionated to maintain relative cost consistency for purchase and payments with the RHU ecosystem.
Yes, most Rhubarb applications rely on network participation, which requires payment in RHU Tokens for active justice mining or other functions.
Yes, our token holders can communicate, deliberate, iterate, and provide RHU-based incentives to other network members.
Yes. For a limited time, new users can acquire RHU through a program designed to acquaint industry domain experts and others with the community dispute resolution process. The program will be replaced by disputant contributions to compensate network members.
Yes. Investors participate in revenue generation and equity sales (if any) through autonomous distribution via the RHU.
Absolutely. There’s an intrinsic supply-demand disequilibrium resulting from limited supply of RHU vs. perpetually expanding demand (which we anticipate but can’t guarantee), which has potential for continuous price appreciation, regardless of speculative buying. Applications at all levels of law and dispute resolution will expand demand both vertically and horizontally as more Poll Verdicts are commissioned and participating voting populations expand similarly. All RHU holders will participate in any price appreciation.
Yes. Our launch partner, PeopleClaim, has agreed to adopt RHU token as its primary currency and will provide its already-established community network of lawyers, industry domain experts, and consumers to bootstrap our initial Poll Verdicts.
Yes, our community participation is uncapped and theoretically could include every web-connected human on the planet. Our applications address a $450 billion US market, with expansion opportunities in both developed and developing economies.