Verdicts rendered

RW vs. ADT Security Systems Inc.
Voting Results:
Poll opened: 30 Apr 2019
Poll closed on: 09 Sep 2019
Voters: 100
Status: Closed
Should illegal aliens be allowed to vote in U.S. elections?
Voting Results:
Poll opened: 24 Jul 2018
Poll closed on: 31 Aug 2018
Voters: 288
Status: Closed
Claimant vs. Testarossa Motors, League City, Texas
Voting Results:
View case on PeopleClaim
Poll opened: 05 Jun 2018
Poll closed on: 05 Jul 2018
Voters: 352
Status: Closed
Should cryptocurrency be regulated as a security?
Voting Results:
Poll opened: 27 Apr 2018
Poll closed on: 05 Jun 2018
Voters: 1547
Status: Closed

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