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Monsanto’s $289 million Roundup verdict

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Public verdict: $289 million (full amount of verdict)
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Case description

A San Francisco County jury recently found chemical producer Monsanto guilty of knowingly marketing a toxic product and concealing its danger to users and the public—and awarded a $289 million verdict to Dewayne Johnson, a terminally-ill blood cancer patient. Punitive damages amounted to $250 million; compensatory damages, $39 million. The product, Roundup, is a glyphosate compound used as a weed-killer. Hundreds of similar lawsuits have been filed in U.S. federal courts; thousands more in other jurisdictions. Monsanto, which claims Roundup does not cause cancer, will appeal the decision.

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236 total voters
How the public voted
88 votes
"$289 million (full amount of verdict)"
35 votes
"$151-$288 million"
25 votes
"$51-$100 million"
18 votes
"$26-$50 million"
18 votes
"$101-$150 million"
13 votes
"$1- $5 million"
11 votes
"Less than $1 million"
12 votes
"No damages will be awarded"
11 votes
"$11-$25 million"
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