Our Mission is to decentralize the legal process and create a more democratic form of dispute resolution by allowing our coin holders to put their case before blockchain-based jury pools of legal experts, industry insiders, and, most importantly, ordinary citizens.

What problem does Rhubarb solve?

Centralized law has become too complicated, costly, and inefficient to serve its original purpose—or meet the demands of modern commerce. Rhubarb’s blockchain technology, RDCM (Rapid Distributed Consensus Mechanism), is uncomplicated, eliminates the cost, and speeds up decision-making.

How do you change the economics of law?

In most legal systems money buys justice. The person with the most access to financial or legal resources wins. Rhubarb changes that by separating the cost of resolving a dispute from the resources of the parties. Our RDCMs are self-funding, where disputing parties don’t bear the expense of the decision-rendering process.

How is the RDCM process self-funding?

Law, at its essence, is a decision-rendering process. Our RDCM system is based on the reality that incentivized groups can render better-informed and fairer consensus decisions than traditional courts or juries. Jury members are required to deposit RHUCoin to participate and vote, competing to find the fairest resolution. “In-consensus” winners share the forfeited deposits of non-consensus voters, earning high ROIs by helping “mine” the best solution to the case. Voters’ RHUCoin deposits fund the process, removing the cost from the disputing parties.

What are your core target markets?

Rhubarb provides a more democratic solution that we believe will improve or replace these legal processes:

  • Forced consumer arbitration
  • Abusive class action litigation
  • Party-to-party litigation
  • Acrimonious divorce and family-law resolution processes

These represent an estimated annual market in excess of 400 billion dollars in the U.S. alone.

Is your RDCM process only for resolving legal disputes?

The RDCM “consensus-mining” process can be applied to almost any situation where a quick expert opinion is wanted. Beside disputes, Rhubarb’s networks can be used to source consensus on legal questions; technical questions (such as how to solve a software problem or fix a car); or predict future events (such as likely appreciation of a stock or the success or failure of a new product).

What are some examples of RDCMs?

Rhubarb’s two core RDCM applications are the Public Fairness Assessment™ (PFA) and Expert Technical Assessment™ (ETA).

  • Public Fairness Assessment (PFA). RHUCoin holders in our network are invited to vote to find public consensus on the best resolution to a dispute, controversy, or matter of public importance. For example, one of our PFAs seeks consensus on how to fix Facebook’s privacy/data breach problems. View Facebook PFA
  • Expert Technical Assessment (ETA). ETAs poll large industry expert groups to determine the outcome of disputes between opposing parties, arrive at consensus opinion on legal/technical issues, or predict future outcomes. For example, a group of automotive mechanics and journalists seeks consensus on a future outcome: what will be the impact of connected cars on the auto repair business? View Connected Car ETA
Who can participate?

With Rhubarb the world becomes your jury. Any coin-holder can participate in online cases; however, disputants get to select their jury pools. With disputes, both sides are allowed equal selection of jury members to insure a balanced consensus opinion.

What is the function of Rhubarb’s cryptocurrency, RHUCoin?

RHUCoin is an Ethereum ERC 20 token that allows its holders to engage other network members to help resolve disputes or source technical or predictive consensus. It’s also required to participate in consensus mining activity within the Rhubarb network. Rhucoin holders can compound their holdings by participating in the consensus mining activities described above.

The Rhu Economy

We believe the future success of any cryptocurrency is tied to the network's supply-and-demand dynamics, and in creating a full-circle economy where network members can earn and spend their coins organically. Rhubarb’s platform is unique in providing for ever-increasing demand against a limited supply of RHUCoins distributed through ICO and coin-mining functions.

What RHUCoin can be used for –

  • Voting in online jury pools to help "mine" consensus decisions
  • Referring new network members and cases
  • Receiving digital settlement payment from merchants and other counterparties
  • Digital payment for consulting or advisory services to members of the network

Demand drivers. Rhucoin enables users to –

  • Earn high ROIs through consensus voting.
  • Post entry deposits for participation in network juries.
  • Purchase from product and service providers who participate in the "Rhubarb Trust Network."
  • Access legal advice and industry insider expert opinion and consulting services.
  • Use a frictionless digital settlement currency for fulfilling dispute resolution terms.