Regulation of crypto tokens is rapidly evolving. In the event that RHUCoins are deemed securities or have been issued in a manner that conflicts with existing or future regulations, whether in the USA or other jurisdictions, issued coins may be subject to recision, reissue, or other modifications without compensation to the holder, in order to comply with regulations.

Risks include:

  • lack of liquidity
  • inabllity to list on token exchanges
  • volatility
  • loss of value
  • hacking, phishing, or other illicit third-party activities that could result in partial or total loss
  • competitive emerging technologies
  • system gaming or fraudulent activiites on the site or that could adversely impact RHUCoin awards, create dilution, or otherwise compromise Rhubarb’s business model or user benefits.

Other risks may exist that are unknown or unforeseen by Rhubarb management. RHUCoin purchasers and poll participants who hold RHUCoin are encouraged to conduct their own due diligence at legal@rhucoin.com. However, Rhubarb is not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice on cryptocurrency, regulations, tradability, or other legal matters relating to crypto-token transactions or assets.

Users hereby agree that Rhubarb provides no guarantee or representation of RHUCoin’s future or current value, its liquidity, marketability, transferability, exchange listing, tax or regulatory requirements, or its legality according to national or local laws pertaining to cryptocurrency, securities, or other issues that may affect RHUCoin ownership.

Participant Obligations

Use of the Rhubarb system, including Poll Verdict initiation and voting, requires user engagement in good faith to earn RHUCoin by helping promote justice through “mining” consensus, and by helping resolve disputes and controversies.

Users agree not to collude with other users to impact outcomes, cast multiple votes under aliases, or otherwise contrive to defeat the community justice-mining process.

Users are solely responsible for any posts that they make. False, defamatory, malicious, or other damaging communications will be cause for suspension of community membership and further participation. Liability for such communication rests with the user.

Important – Read before proceeding: Rhubarb provides a user platform for consensus answers / opinion from the public, industry experts, and community on a wide range of topics, including how to resolve disputes and answers to legal, technical, and other questions.

You understand and agree that nothing communicated on the site constitutes legal or professional advice, including all user posting, advocate suggestions, and consensus votes. Posting by legal and industry professionals is not professional advice and does not imply or constitute a legal, professional, or other fiduciary relationship between any of the participating parties.

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