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NRA/Second Amendment vs. The Right of American Children to Live

(Should "military style semi-automatic guns" be banned in the US, and subject to buy-back, as they are in New Zealand?)
Public verdict: "Military-style, semi-automatic guns" should be banned and a public buy-back initiated, as in New Zealand.
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Case description
Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, recently garnered worldwide admiration - not just because of her sensitivity and empathy after the terrorist killing of Muslims at prayer in New Zealand, but also because of her swift and decisive action to ban military-style semi-automatic guns.

Meanwhile, the NRA in the US is opposing even a ban of bump stocks, used to convert a semi-automatic to automatic fire. (New Zealand's NRA, which has remained a hunting association, is struggling to disassociate itself from the US NRA.)

Once again, the issue of gun ownership in the US is thrust into an unflattering spotlight.
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How the public voted
39 votes
""Military-style, semi-automatic guns" should be banned and a public buy-back initiated, as in New Zealand."
22 votes
"US Citizens have an incontestable right to bear arms (federal and/or state bans on switchblades, bazookas, grenades etc. notwithstanding.)"
20 votes
"The Second Amendment has been misinterpreted to sideline its punctuation, grammar, and intent - particularly our Founder's use of "the People" and "well-regulated." Private ownership of weaponry should at least be well-regulated."
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