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Guest vs. Hyatt Place Louisville East

(Guest problems retrieving keys and medication)
Public verdict: Hyatt should pay $771.97 in actual costs and time costs.
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Case description

Claimant's account:
Claimant says he left a set of keys—including car, office, and apartment keys—plus an attached vial of medication in his hotel room at the Hyatt Place Louisville East. Hyatt found the keys and agreed to return them to him in a different state at his expense. The keys did not arrive. Several days later Hyatt said the keys had been turned over to the police (claimant assumes due to concerns over the medication) and would have to be retrieved from the police.

The police, once reached, said they had immediately cleared the medication, never took possession of the keys, and had instructed Hyatt to return the keys to the claimant. Hyatt did not do this and simply locked them up. After multiple calls from claimant, keys were finally returned to claimant. The vial of medication was missing. Both Hyatt and the police deny having it.

Respondent's rebuttal: Hyatt Place Louisville East advised the claimant that her concerns were very important and would be referred to the executive management of the hotel for review and followup; they requested patience while the matter was being fully investigated. A subsequent message informed the claimant that Hyatt Place Louisville East was unable to honor the request for compensation and referred the claimant to the Jeffersontown Police Department for help recovering the medication.

355 total voters
How the public voted
81 votes
"Hyatt should pay $771.97 in actual costs and time costs."
77 votes
"Hyatt should reimburse the claimant for the cost of the medication plus two free nights."
65 votes
"Hyatt should pay the claimant $90."
45 votes
"Claimant should take Hyatt to court for Fourth Amendment violation."
45 votes
"Hyatt has returned the claimant's keys; nothing more is called for."
42 votes
"Hyatt should give the claimant 100,000 points."
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