Public Fairness AssessmentTM

Should illegal aliens be allowed to vote in U.S. elections?

Consensus Opinion: Never (51%)
Variations by voter segment
    The verdict: Never
    A 2,205 RHU reward was shared by 147 winning voters who chose this option.
    Case description
    According to the San Francisco Chronicle and other local and national media, San Francisco’s school board elections will be open to non-citizen residents beginning November, 2018. The city joins Chicago and a few Massachusetts and Maryland cities that currently allow non-citizens to register and vote in school or other local elections. Cities enacting these policies are affirming that non-citizen parents of children in the school system are stakeholders and have given them a voice in the electoral process. This Public Fairness Assessment asks to what extent voting rights for non-citizens should be adopted elsewhere.
    288 total voters
    How the public jury voted
    147 votes
    73 votes
    "State or local elections only"
    68 votes
    "In all elections"
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    Disputing parties will be invited to resolve the matter based on this public verdict. If the parties have agreed beforehand to use the results to arbitrate the case the verdict will be binding. If not, the results are nonbinding but can be used as input to guide further negotiation. Depending on the case, results may be distributed to other interested parties such as regulators and media.