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Initiated by: G.W.

Public verdict: Yes, it's a crime to send something threatening regardless of the intent
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Case description
Thankfully no one was hurt in email bomb incident, Im interested in the legal question of sending something that looks like a bomb but isn't.
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How the public voted
101 votes
"Yes, it's a crime to send something threatening regardless of the intent"
44 votes
"If it would reasonably be viewed as a threat by the recepient it' a crime regardless of the intent of the sender"
36 votes
"It would depend upon the intent of the sender"
30 votes
"It depends upon who the recepient is. If its a polical figure, its a crime. If it's your freind and its a joke, it's not a crime"
28 votes
"It's not a crime if it's an expression of free speech as long as it doesnt threaten or terrorize "
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