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EP vs. Suttle Motors, Newport News, VA

(Long delays in repairing my car's seat belt cost me several hundred dollars for car rental.)
Public verdict: Suttle Motors should repay the claimant for the extra $350 car rental he paid.
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Case description
I took my car into Sutttle Motors on 10 September 2018. I took it in because my seat belt wasn't working. I asked George, manager of the orange team, if he could check it out for me. Later he advised me it probably would be better if I got my insurance company involved because it probably would be more than I thought because there could be more problems. A couple of days passed and he told me that he couldn't get in touch with my insurance company. I had already called my insurance company and gave them the heads up. More days went by and I again tried to reach out to George as to what's going on. He said he hadn't heard anything back from my insurance company. When I again got back to my insurance company, they said that they had submitted a check to Suttle motors from the estimate they were given and had submitted in the amount of $940.95 minus the $500.00, my deductible. a week or so went by and I again contacted George and he told me that they never received it. I still wasn't getting any cooperation from George because to my knowledge he never followed up on it. Days passed without no information or contact with George or Suttle motors. He told me he could only do business with my Appraiser, and I told him that he could get in touch with his assistants who were involved with my case. Weeks went by and my vehicle was outside, never been touched and asked why was it outside when you told me you were doing an estimate. To me it seemed like I was getting the runaround from him. On or around the 24th of September I went to talk to the Maintenance Manager, Mr. Fazio. To make a long story short within a few days my car was inside and being worked on because my Appraiser had contacted me to move my vehicle to a shop that they had recommended. When we talked to the Lady who was taking George's place, all of a sudden they had my car in the shop working on it because I had also told them $135.00 an hour for labor was ridiculous. My insurance company paid for my rental until the 25th of Sept. After that I had to pay rental which totaled over $400.00. All this could have been avoided if George and Suttle Motors had done their part to ensuring a customer, whom I brought my car from, received proper service and not try to jack up prices in getting my car fixed. I got a call today, 10/01/2018 saying my car will be ready. I am very disgusted with the cooperation I received from George and Suttle Motors whom I respected enough to take my car to them to get it fixed. Something of this nature should be looked into. I will not have George involved in getting my car repaired if I ever go back for repairs.
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"Suttle Motors should repay the claimant for the extra $350 car rental he paid."
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"No award / compensation to counterparty."
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