Public Fairness AssessmentTM
Initiated by: T.D.

ServiceMagic (now HomeAdvisor) changed my business telephone number and put their business phone with my business name on the internet

("Theft or compromise of trade secrets" and infringement on my business)
Public verdict: HomeAdvisor (formerly ServiceMagic) should pay damages for removing my busineess phone number and putting their number on my business online - $600,000
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Case description
It all started with Service Magic sending leads (faulty leads). I gave them my credit card number to take the leads I wanted for the the price of each lead. I requested how many I wanted per week. They did not listen to me and started sending more when I told them I didn't want more, so they were charging my credit card without my permission.

Shortly after that I was on their website, I saw my .com business name, Nooks and Crannies Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services, with their phone number on it. I saw it and I could not believe that, so I called that number and a Service Magic representative answered. I asked why stealing from my credit card was not enough for them and they hijacked my business. Some time after that they changed their name to HomeAdvisor.

When they did that I got a phone call from a representative from HomeAdvisor giving me the same old stuff Service Magic was doing about leads, so I stopped him and I explained to him what I went through with Service Magic about stealing money from my credit card, That's when he told me that they changed their name to HomeAdvisor. Same old game, this is internet fraud.
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How the public voted
22 votes
"HomeAdvisor (formerly ServiceMagic) should pay damages for removing my busineess phone number and putting their number on my business online - $600,000"
08 votes
"(Upvoted solution) HomeAdvisor should pay claimant $100,000 for business infringement and ensure listing shows correct phone number"
05 votes
"No compensation due"
04 votes
"(Upvoted solution) No Penalty charges for changing my data on their Website.
A punishment is that they should have to promote my Business at least for a year with 10x Efforts without any charge & In addition, they might continue their free of service as a special case for few years."
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