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Initiated by: R.W.

RW vs. ADT Security Systems Inc.

(Too many runarounds and problems with ADT Security Systems)
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Case description
I informed the (ADT security system) installer that we were moving soon and will it cost me to be moved. I was told No. So I got ADT to install their security device. I was charged over $2,000 for their product. There were sensors installed on doors, garage door, and windows. The first week the sensors were going bad. The bathroom window sensor, the garage window, and door went bad. The doors in the house would go bad, ADT would call me and ask me what was wrong. Also, I couldn't set the alarm at the time, so they had to come out and try and fix the problems. This went on for months and was not totally fixed. On OCT/ 05/2018 I called to inform ADT we were moving from **** to **** STOCKTON CA.

I was charged an additional $107.00 to pack up the sensors and equipment, they came out around the 15th of OCT, packed everything up to move. The end of OCT I checked my Bank account and noticed that ADT had taken unauthorized money from my Wells Fargo bank account, $52.99. Then again in NOV they took another $59.99, also in OCT ADT took money from my chase credit card, of $52.99 which ADT returned. Now during this time I called ADT about the unauthorized money. I was told they would return the money to me. This went on for months but never paid me back my money. This put me into insufficient funds of $105.00 from OCT to NOV two overpayment of $112.98. So JAN/2019 I called ADT and requested them to end my account with them (and yes remove their equipment from my home…(12/24/2018) the sensor called the Fire Department, the cameras don't work lol.
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