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Public Consensus Opinion
The following companies have been nominated for their contributions to their employees, customers, and/or the public good--vote for your favorite. Know of a truly great company that’s gone above and beyond? Nominate them in “I have a better solution.”
  • JOANN Fabrics: JOANN is donating fabric and providing instruction so that Americans can sew masks for healthcare workers during the crisis. The community gets a constructive, hopeful way to help; healthcare workers have been made safer by 16.5 MILLION fabric masks to date.
    Update: JOANN is now closing in on 78 million masks; please check the link for updated totals.
  • Bad Saint Restaurant, Washington DC: Proceeds from gift certificates go straight to employees. “Your generous contribution will help our employees pay for critical essentials. None of the money in the staff support fund will be used for expenses related to the restaurant's operation, and none of the money in the support fund will go to the owners.”
  • REI Co-Op stores: REI closed all of its 162 retail stores on March 16--April 15, but pledged to keep paying its employees. Customers will still be able to order online, with free shipping for all purchases.
    Update: REI has since furloughed many REI retail employees for 45-90 days, although REI will now cover 100% of employee health and welfare benefit costs. CEO Eric Artz is choosing to forfeit 100% of his salary for 6 months and senior management will take a 20% pay cut. All will forfeit incentive bonuses for the next 6 months.
  • Abbott Lab's ID NOW test. gets my vote for the most impactful company with its ~5 min COVID test kit. Testing is the key to containing the virus and reopening the economy. Previously, testing for COVID could take days, Abbott's got that down to minutes which could allow cruise ships, airlines and, most importantly, healthcare workers to get results almost in real time. It's point of care- meaning the full tests can be done on location. This will also greatly help in segregating infected people while allowing non-infected to work, travel and return to a normal life. Abbott believes it will soon be able to deliver 50,000 units per day. Maybe soon we will all have a version of the ID NOW in our homes and offices. Hooray Abbott
  • LEXINGTON BREWING AND DISTILLING--“Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co. using alcohol supply to make free hand sanitizer. Lexington Brewing’s hand sanitizer contains 80 percent alcohol, aloe vera gel and a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, along with natural ingredients added for scent. The distillery delivered its first batch of 200 bottles to Lexington’s city hall, with additional batches expected to be delivery next week.”
  • LunarNYC - This non-profit organization, aimed at empowering Youth between the ages of 5 and 25 years old, launched a movement to assist medical professionals and first responders on the frontlines by sourcing quality Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). The initiative has already found 20,000 KN95 masks that will be delivered to various doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners by April 10th. Source:
  • Brooks Bell and Coastal Credit Union Foundation Brooks Bell and Coastal Credit Union Foundation both donated $100,000 to the NC Restaurant Workers Relief Fund, The fund helps out North Carolinian hospitality workers who have lost their jobs due to Covid-19. However, more money is desperately needed; the fund received 15,000 applications within a week of opening. So if you can, please visit to leave a "tip."
  • Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey commits to donate $1 billion to fight Covid-19. "I’m moving $1B of my Square equity (~28% of my wealth) to #startsmall LLC to fund global COVID-19 relief. After we disarm this pandemic, the focus will shift to girl’s health and education, and UBI. It will operate transparently, all flows tracked ..."
  • Zoom The company’s billionaire founder, Eric Yuan, made the firm’s popular video conferencing software free to use for all affected K-12 schools in China, Japan, Italy and the U.S.
  • Mahindra Group: Mumbai-based conglomerate, owned by billionaire Anand Mahindra and his family, announced it would begin producing ventilators at plants in India, reportedly pricing them at less than $100 each.
  • Dr. Charles Robertson of the University of Mississippi Medical Center figured out how to build a good-enough ventilator with parts from a hardware store, at a total cost of around $100. Assembly takes just 20-30 minutes. "It's not fancy but it works. This would be available as a last resort if the numbers increase as we think they might," Robinson said, according to the Clarion Ledger.
  • Google and Apple track coronavirus: Apple and Google have announced a hugely ambitious — and potentially controversial —contact tracing system designed to help users prevent spreading the novel coronavirus by figuring out who has had contact with infected patients.
  • General Electric executives have pledged to donate 10-50 percent of their salaries to GE employees affected by Covid-19
  • Uber: Ride-hailing app cofounded by billionaires Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp pledged 10 million free rides and food deliveries for healthcare workers, senior citizens and others in need.
  • Kinsa is providing valuable data from its smart thermometers to accredited academic institutions, public health entities, and researchers at no charge. This gives real-time access to virus hot spots; early detection means efficient allocation of resources, And the data can also help people to truly see how social distancing is working, and thus worth the trouble.
  • Gilead drug produced rapid recovery in coronavirus patients. Remdesivir could save the world. Gilead has provided it to more than 1700 patients on a "compassionate use" basis and also made it available for multiple studies run by other sponsors.
  • BrewDog: The independent beer-maker is making Punk hand sanitizer at its distillery in Scotland. They're giving it away to NHS hospitals and to charities that support vulnerable populations.. The demand has been so great that they're now having trouble sourcing containers, so they're putting it in small beer bottles so that hospitals can refill containers.
  • Bauer - The hockey equipment manufacturer has shifted from making visors for helmets to medical visors for those fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Bauer faced the possibility of closing its manufacturing plant in Blainville, Quebec, but engineers there instead brainstormed the idea of producing medical shields to help protect people on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19. Source:
  • Vittles Restaurant owner Charity Salyers sold her Mustang so that she could pay bills and her two remaining employees. That was pretty great. Vittles Restaurant is in Smyrna, GA.
  •'s founder Tom Martin worked with Louisiana's Judge Schlegel, free of charge, to create an automatic text system that checks in with high-risk probationers. The idea is to give them extra support so that they can get through this awful time without relapse. At a time when the legal system is under very severe stress, it's wonderful to see people like the Judge and Mr. Martin going the extra mile to help people stay out of trouble. I will remember all the companies and people who are doing the right thing. I will also remember the ones that aren't, and they will not see me or my money again. I would like to see more little companies on this list; some people are dipping into their own pockets to help employees.
RHUCoin reward
Vote: 5 RHU
Consensus bonus: 20 RHU
Total RHUCoin pool: 5,000 RHU
Eligibility: Member of the public | Healthcare worker | Independent contractor / hourly employee | Academic / researcher | Employee of a nominated company | Journalist / Blogger
Poll opened: 31 Mar 2020
Poll closes: 21 Apr 2020
Current jury pool: 98
Status: Voting in progress
Public Consensus Opinion
Single-use plastic includes products such as straws, bags, and bottles; pretty much any plastic item that’s made for temporary use. Although we might not think much of it when we buy bottles of our favorite drink or ask for plastic bags when we’re in the checkout line at the grocery store, these choices have a serious impact on the health of our planet and ourselves.

This material involves the usage of a large amount of fossil fuels, namely crude oil, for creation and transportation. Just the manufacturing process of plastic is a huge source of pollution to the environment.

Single-use plastic doesn’t biodegrade, ever. Instead, it breaks apart into smaller pieces, never truly deteriorating. With 30 million tons of plastic discarded each year in America, there’s hardly a single place on earth that doesn’t know the touch of single-use plastic.
  • Yes. Single-use plastic should be banned, including it's production and usage.
  • Yes, but first someone need to find out the alternative to it.
  • Governments across the world should create a strict policy on how they are going to do single-use plastic waste management without affecting the environment.
  • No.
RHUCoin reward
Vote: 15 RHU
Consensus bonus: 20 RHU
Total RHUCoin pool: 1,500 RHU
Eligibility: Member of the public | Doctor (MD) | Blogger | Editor | News Anchor | Veterinarian
Poll opened: 01 Oct 2019
Poll closes: 31 Oct 2019
Current jury pool: 61
Status: Voting in progress
Public Consensus Opinion
1- Is it important for you to have active engagement in your cases? 2- To be just as much a part of your case as your lawyer is? 3- An attorney who works as your partner and shares knowledge.
  • Yes, I believe lawyers know the law indeed, but you know my matter and my market better.
  • No, I want to delegate my matter(s) and only be distrubed when truly necessary.
RHUCoin reward
Vote: 15 RHU
Consensus bonus: 20 RHU
Total RHUCoin pool: 1,500 RHU
Eligibility: Member of the public | 500 Tech Leaders member | Business owner | Members of the public, age 18 + | PeopleClaim online mediators | Possible plaintiff
Poll opened: 16 Mar 2019
Poll closes: 13 Apr 2019
Current jury pool: 110
Status: Voting in progress
Public Consensus Opinion
Assuming a law firm has the components of what makes it a desirable firm - experience, tech savy, knowledge, billing transparency, and it had a service delivery feature "Interactive Client Dashboard." A dashboard, your unique username and password where:
- your law firm and you could Share files, collaborate on documents, manage approvals, and keep projects on track.
- information was at your finger tips, such as how much you have paid the lawyer in a determined period, or particular matter was segmented from the judgments you won, or contracts you signed.
- If you can leave a message, a comment for your lawyer to read next. If you could know when was the last time your lawyer opened your file? or read the document revisions you made?
RHUCoin reward
Vote: 15 RHU
Consensus bonus: 20 RHU
Total RHUCoin pool: 1,500 RHU
Eligibility: Developer | General Contrator | Store Owner | Cryptocurrency Investor | 500 Blockchain Leaders | In-House Lawyers | Corporate Counsel | Chief Executive Officers
Poll opened: 16 Mar 2019
Current jury pool: 37
Status: Voting in progress
Public Consensus Opinion
Voting options
  • House of Food Porn
  • Joe's Stone Crab
  • Truluck's
  • Zuma
RHUCoin reward
Vote: 15 RHU
Consensus bonus: 20 RHU
Total RHUCoin pool: 30,000 RHU
Eligibility: Resident of Miami | Visitor to Miami | Chef | Food Critic | Blogger
Poll opened: 12 Nov 2018
Poll closes: 30 Nov 2018
Current jury pool: 180
Status: Voting in progress
Public Consensus Opinion
Thankfully no one was hurt in email bomb incident, Im interested in the legal question of sending something that looks like a bomb but isn't.
  • Yes, it's a crime to send something threatening regardless of the intent
  • It would depend upon the intent of the sender
  • It's not a crime if it's an expression of free speech as long as it doesnt threaten or terrorize
  • It depends upon who the recepient is. If its a polical figure, its a crime. If it's your freind and its a joke, it's not a crime
  • If it would reasonably be viewed as a threat by the recepient it' a crime regardless of the intent of the sender
RHUCoin reward
Vote: 15 RHU
Consensus bonus: 20 RHU
Total RHUCoin pool: 7,500 RHU
Eligibility: Member of the public | ADR Professional (Alternative Dispute Resolution) | Arbitrator | Judge | Jury Expert | Law student / intern | Lawyer / Attorney | Blogger | The 500 Lawyers Group
Poll opened: 29 Oct 2018
Current jury pool: 230
Status: Voting in progress
Public Consensus Opinion
Iconic American brand Harley-Davidson has announced plans to begin manufacturing and selling its motorcycles in Europe. The decision is in response to a 31% EU tariff recently imposed on motorcycles, and Harley’s decision not to raise EU retail prices to cover the added expense. The plan anticipates European-made bikes being sold outside America, with bikes purchased in America continuing to be made in the U.S.A. The company, whose products were 100% American-made until 2014, currently has manufacturing operations in Brazil, India, and Australia, in addition to its three US facilities.
  • Yes. The company should do whatever is necessary, including offshore manufacturing, to continue to produce the best product at the lowest cost wherever in the world it is sold.
  • Yes—but only for local sale in the EU, not for resale in areas unaffected by high import tariffs on motorcycles.
  • Yes—as long as EU-produced bikes are registered and clearly marked “made in the EU” for consumer awareness.
  • No. Harley-Davidson should be taxed or penalized for moving manufacturing outside the USA.
  • No. To protect the long-term value of this uniquely American brand, Harley-Davidson motorcycles should be 100% made in the USA.
RHUCoin reward
Vote: 15 RHU
Consensus bonus: 15 RHU
Total RHUCoin pool: 15,000 RHU
Eligibility: Harley dealer | Harley employee/consultant | Harley rider – American | Harley rider – EU | Harley rider – other non-American | Member of public – American | Member of public – not American
Poll opened: 27 Jul 2018
Poll closes: 31 Aug 2018
Current jury pool: 373
Status: Voting in progress
Michael Robinson vs IMVU Inc.
Voting Results:
View case on PeopleClaim
Poll opened: 03 Sep 2019
Poll closed on: 22 Jun 2020
Voters: 96
Total RHUCoin awarded: 1,920 RHU
Status: Closed
RW vs. ADT Security Systems Inc.
Voting Results:
Poll opened: 30 Apr 2019
Poll closed on: 09 Sep 2019
Voters: 100
Total RHUCoin awarded: 2,320 RHU
Status: Closed
Should illegal aliens be allowed to vote in U.S. elections?
Voting Results:
Poll opened: 24 Jul 2018
Poll closed on: 31 Aug 2018
Voters: 288
Total RHUCoin awarded: 3,645 RHU
Status: Closed
Claimant vs. Testarossa Motors, League City, Texas
Voting Results:
View case on PeopleClaim
Poll opened: 05 Jun 2018
Poll closed on: 05 Jul 2018
Voters: 352
Total RHUCoin awarded: 3,445 RHU
Status: Closed
Should cryptocurrency be regulated as a security?
Voting Results:
Poll opened: 27 Apr 2018
Poll closed on: 05 Jun 2018
Voters: 1547
Total RHUCoin awarded: 24,515 RHU
Status: Closed

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