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Initiated by: M.R.

I want a check for my damage y'all did to my laptop for $1,424.52.

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Case description
I have contacted the FedEx claim department about my claim about my laptop they damage. baldly when they have delivered it to HP so Hp can fix my keyboard and frame because for the keyboard two keys had fallen off it and the frame every time you are opening the laptop up it's make popping sounds, and HP contacted me last month and saying they couldn't fix it because when they had open the box, the screen was cracked, and the hardware was cracked, and hardware cover was poorly cracked, and they have sent me pictures of the damage and I sent them to FedEx with my claim and HP send them some kind of documents they required from them and today I called back about the status of my claim and the agent lady say it was denied, and I told her to appeal my case because I disagree with the decision, and she says she will leave notes on my case to have someone call me back and reopen my claim should they send me a check for my damage laptop that is worth for $1,424.52?
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