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Tenant v. The Grand Apts - 5301 Neshaminy Blvd Bensalem, PA, 19020

(My security deposit has not been refunded within 30 days)

Consensus Opinion: Refund $1,286.00 security deposit immediately (46%)
Variations by voter segment
    The verdict: Refund $1,286.00 security deposit immediately
    A 640 RHU reward was shared by 64 winning voters who chose this option.
    Case description
    I was supposed to have received my security deposit check 30 days after moving out of my unit on 7/31/18. My date to receive my check was 8/30/18. It is 9/15/18 and I still have not received it? They keep coming up with all kinds of excuses. I told Amanda the apt. manager that I needed my money yesterday. What I want: Refund: security deposit: $1,286.00
    140 total voters
    How the public jury voted
    64 votes
    "Refund $1,286.00 security deposit immediately"
    42 votes
    "Refund $1,286.00 security deposit immediately plus $600.00 penalty (advocate suggestion)"
    34 votes
    "Refund $1,286.00 security deposit immediately plus $1,286.00 penalty (advocate suggestion)"
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    Disputing parties will be invited to resolve the matter based on this public verdict. If the parties have agreed beforehand to use the results to arbitrate the case the verdict will be binding. If not, the results are nonbinding but can be used as input to guide further negotiation. Depending on the case, results may be distributed to other interested parties such as regulators and media.